Shrink-wrapping machine
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Shrink-wrapping machine

Artema Pack’s Shrink Wrapper is a powerful, automatic machine to shrink-wrap bundles, ideal for a wide range of containers, such as brick packages, glass and plastic bottles, vials, jars, and a variety of multi-packs.

High-quality manufacturing, high durability under all operating conditions, as well as ease of use and maintenance make it a highly competitive investment.
Thanks to highly efficient ovens, Artema Pack’s shrink wrapping machine also guarantees low consumption, leading to both environmental and economic benefits.

Our seal bar shrink wrapping system allows for an operating capacity of up to 25 bundles/min., ensuring maximum reliability.
It can handle shrink film, including pre-printed film, in different thicknesses, and pack different types of bundles:

  • Bundle with film only
  • Bundle with film and base layer
  • Bundle with film and vertical liner
  • Bundle with film, base and vertical layer

The shrink wrapping machine can be integrated into complete automated plants designed by Artema Pack, equipped with efficient handling systems, bespoke automations and palletisers.

High competitiveness

Low initial investment, lower packaging costs, very low consumption: a competitiveness-driven machine!


Single and multi-pack configurations are available, ranging from film-only to vertical and/or horizontal layer pad packaging to provide greater support and protection.

Energy saving

The highly efficient oven is fitted with an operating temperature control device (-20% than average consumption). Film thickness can be reduced (up to 25 µ), thus reducing plastic consumption.


The machine can pack a wide range of primary packaging types, such as bricks, Gable Top cartons, bottles, bags, and more.

Technical features

  • DIMENSIONS (mm)3500x4200x2100
  • INFEED HEIGHT (mm) 900
  • OUTFEED HEIGHT (mm) 900
  • CONSUMPTION 21kW-400V-37A
  • WEIGHT (Kg) 1,500
  • CAPACITY 20 boxes/min
  • COMPRESSED AIR 400nl/min. – 6 bar

PRODUCTS THAT you can pack with THIS machine


In the field of secondary packaging, the Artema Pack shrink wrapper stands out as a leader among shrink wrapping machines. This automatic machine is distinguished for its integration of cutting-edge technological innovations, with a strong focus on sustainability. Automatic shrink wrappers like this not only enhance high-level performance but also adopt systems that optimize energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact.

Precise control of operating temperatures and process optimization allow for reduced energy consumption compared to standard models. Additionally, the Artema Pack shrink wrapping machine enables the use of thinner shrink film, significantly reducing the consumption of plastic materials. This focus on minimizing the ecological footprint is crucial in modern shrink wrapping machines.

Thus, the Artema Pack shrink wrapper not only offers high flexibility and customization in the packaging process but also stands as an ideal solution for companies looking to combine technological innovation and environmental responsibility in their production lines.

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