11 October 2019

All Eyes on Flexibility, at Cibus Tec

Event date: 22 October 2019
OUR MULTI-FORMAT WRAP-AROUND CASE PACKER You will find our W-980 wrap-around case packer at stand I 032 in Hall 2, among a comprehensive range of machines for filling, packaging and palletising bags for powder products, along with our partners V.A.I. e Europack. If you want to experience firsthand what we mean by quick format changeover - taking from 2 and up to 15 minutes - don't miss this chance to see it with your own eyes. Our Artema Pack wrap-around case packer can handle different formats - open tray, with flat top or variable heights, full case closed box, with easy-opening or handles. Simplified and faster set-ups allow for quick changeovers. The same flexibility applies to grouping changes and packaging handling: not only bags, but also Gable Top cartons, as well as plastic and glass bottles in different formats and weights. In short, with our wrap-around case packer flexibility is always at hand. OUR SUPER-FAST STRAW APPLICATOR Small and super-fast. At CIBUS TEC 2019 we will unveil our most powerful straw applicator model: up to 20,000 straws per hour, thanks to new servo-assisted motorizations. Once again, the machine ensures maximum flexibility in terms of formats - straight, U-shaped, telescopic straws - and materials. The straw applicator on show will be configured to handle industrially compostable bioplastic straws; however, simple set-ups also enable the handling of straws made of paper or of cutting edge, plant-based materials. This is in line with our focus on the environment, which will definitely be a hot topic at CIBUS TEC 2019. If you want to test our flexibility first-hand, come to Parma. We look forward to seeing you there. Stand I 032 - Hall 2 CIBUS TEC 2019 Parma (Italy) 22-25 October 2019 CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR COMPANY PROFILE

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