Our Company

Born from the union of professionals with experience in the world of industrial automation, Artema Pack is a market-oriented, with full attention to the client that starts the bidding stage by performing in-depth and detailed lay-out.

All our production is made of high quality materials, with fine finishes and components (electrical, pneumatic and handling) is the primary European homes (Festo, Bosch, Siemens, Schneider, Sew, Sick, SKF, Sumitomo, Rexnord) .

Our products include boxing machines wrap-around, forming trays, shrink applicators straws and manipulators pick & place.

The 4 phases of ArtemaPack


Our technicians are able to develop vehicles that meet the diverse needs of the market while maintaining high product quality.


Highly qualified staff following any process of manufacture and assembly of our equipment under the direct supervision of the designers.


We work all over the world thanks to skilled technicians and sales people who work closely with our design department to find real-time solutions.


The service continues even after the installation of the automation lines: We provide direct technical support, training and spare parts.
All our machines are supplied with manuals with detailed descriptions for format changes and spare parts.