Wrap Around Case Packer W-980

Simple and versatile with a "wrap-around" closure system: the blank of this boxing machine is appropriately "wrapped and shaped" around the product, creating a compact and robust box. The W-980 wrap around canning machine is suitable for many types of containers and formats: brick packs, glass / plastic bottles, bottles, jars, multipacks of various types. Various types of boxes can be made using also blanks with pre-cuts for tear-off opening. Thanks to its versatility and solidity, this machine is certainly one of the leading products of Artema Pack. The main formats that the W-980 can produce are: open tray box completely closed (with lid) tray with lid shown trays with side walls of different heights tray with "braces". The operation with "porters" chain with step-by-step movement for the various phases that make up the formation and closure of a box is divided into 4 main steps: 1st phase: removal of the blank from the warehouse and storage between the porters; 2nd phase: introduction of the product in the box; 3rd phase: folding the side flaps of the box; 4th phase: box closure; Thanks to this procedure the W-980 wrap-around cartoner can guarantee reliability over time and high production output, making it a fundamental ally for modern industrial realities.

Main feature


  • easy to access, compact stainless steel construction;
  • quick format change;
  • touch screen operator panel;
  • output: up to 25 boxes/min.



  • automatic format change;
  • centralised automatic lubrication;
  • output: up to 35 boxes/min.