Automation and handling systems

Automation and handling systems

Starting from layout design, Artema Pack designs and develops automation plants and handling systems for your packaging lines.

Industrial handling systems are designed and optimized on the basis of processes, work flows, local safety regulations and the specific conditions of your packaging plant (height restrictions, passage between rooms, etc.).

We design integrated handling and automation systems, equipped with:

  • Conveyor belts;
  • Sorting systems;
  • Lifting units;
  • By-pass and accumulation units


Thanks to Artema Pack’s experience, the systems ensure the highest productivity and reliability levels over time.


Hardware and management software are designed to be integrated into existing plants and packaging machines.

On demand automatisations

To meet specific customer requirements, Artema Pack can design and manufacture automations to execute specific tasks, including complex ones.


Layouts, overhead handling systems, easily configurable software: Artema Pack offers tailor-made solutions.

Technical features

  • Customizable materials and components according to customer needs
  • Handling of primary or secondary packaging even with particular geometries
  • Management and control with integrated and easily integrated hardware and software systems

Automation and handling systems in action

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