Secondary packaging machines


Artema Pack designs and manufactures customisable packaging machines, designed to evolve with the market.

Our packaging machines are built to offer maximum flexibility: e.g. handling of primary packaging varying in height and size, versatility when it comes to grouping styles and secondary packaging types.

Relying on its extensive experience, Artema Pack offers packaging solutions tailored to specific requirements with a clear focus on profitability.

All Artema Pack packaging machinery can be combined with each other and integrated into the customer’s existing systems, ensuring ease of use and maintenance.

A stainless steel frame and top brand components guarantee robust and reliable packaging machinery.

We also pay great attention to sustainability: our low-consumption secondary packaging machines can also handle new materials that have a smaller impact on the environment.

Artema Pack offers decades of experience and dedicated services for the design and manufacturing of high-performance automated systems, starting from the layout of the production area all the way through the customisation of automation systems.

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