Pick and Place Machine
Secondary Packaging Machine

Pick and place machine

Pick and place machines are developed to offer maximum production flexibility.

The same machine can handle primary packaging solutions varying in shape, height and volume, and also pack different types of secondary packaging: trays, American cartons, boxes, plastic crates, etc.

The machine can be integrated with tape or hot glue closing systems for American boxes.

Operations can also be carried out with fast pick and place robots which provide greater speed, flexibility and movement, but require a greater investment.

Artema Pack can design and manufacture the entire automation plant, including the palletising station, in line with the principles of maximum efficiency.

Made to last

High-quality manufacturing ensures a long life cycle, with minimal maintenance required over time.


With a single solution, you can handle both American and tray boxes

Complete picker

You can add a box forming or box closing system


Designed to simplify the work of operators and maintenance technicians, the machine offers simplicity of use and ease of access

Technical features

  • DIMENSIONS (mm)5000x2200x2737
  • INFEED HEIGHT (mm) 1000
  • OUTFEED HEIGHT (mm) 650
  • CONSUMPTION 15kW-400V-30A
  • WEIGHT (Kg) 1,500
  • CAPACITY 20 boxes/min, 1,200 boxes/h
  • COMPRESSED AIR 400nl/min. – 6 bar

Pick and place in action

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