Tray forming machine

Tray forming machine

Artema Pack’s carton tray forming machine is versatile and flexible, designed to assist customers in dealing with present and future market challenges.

High quality components and a frame made of resistant materials (such as stainless and coated steel) guarantee high performance and durability under all operating conditions.

In all tray case packers, changeover is made easier by handwheels that enable you to carry out adjustments and handle packages varying in shape and size, including:

  • Glued trays (hot glue)
  • Trays with tuck lock corners
  • Trays with lid

Trays are pre-formed to place products inside or lids – by hand or through an integrated pick and place system.

Working side by side with the customer, Artema Pack can design and manufacture bespoke automation systems, fully equipped with tray forming machines, pick and place, handling systems, as well as automatic palletisers.


The tray forming machine can be configured to handle different formats


Can be integrated into a tailor-made pick and place system

Quick format changeover

Handwheels enable fast and accurate set-ups for quick format changeovers


Ideal to handle many different products in small volumes

PRODUCTS THAT you can pack with THIS machine

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