Artema Pack designs automatic palletisers tailored to customer needs. Palletizing robots can be linear, Cartesian, or anthropomorphic.
Each palletiser can be personalised to:

  • manage one or more packaging lines
  • include specific features (flap, cover, etc.)
  • be programmed by customers

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can recommend the best palletising patterns based on the types of secondary packaging used, logistical requirements, as well as the specific pallet’s strength. The goal is to ensure the integrity of the product through to delivery, increasing the quantity of products per pallet and optimising logistics costs.

A palletising station can be integrated with:

  • Strapping systems
  • Pallet de-stacker
  • Cardboard interlayer magazine
  • Pallet wrapping unit
  • Ink-jet printers and labelling units

Besides palletisers, Artema Pack can design pick and place machines and full automation systems combined with:

Full automation

From pallet loading to wrapping, the palletising station can be fully automated.

Optimised Patterns

Palletising patterns can be set up and optimised according to specific logistics requirements and pallet’s strength.

Energy Saving

Palletising robots can be equipped with a system for recovering kinetic energy during operations.

Made to last

A robust frame, high-quality manufacturing and top brand components ensure a long life cycle.

Technical features

  • Speed: up to 780 cycles / h
  • Anthropomorphic or Cartesian robot
  • Minimal maintenance interventions over time.


  • Gripping systems with vacuum suction cups
  • Grippers and gripping systems for boxes – pallets – cardboard flaps

Palletizer in action

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