The experience in designing belt conveyor handling systems and automations has taught us that listening to our customers’ needs is always the best starting point.

As is standard practice at Artema Pack, we provide a full range of consulting services to support the client in choosing the best solution.

Before presenting a project, we carry out feasibility studies with the following objectives:

  • Providing the hardware and software systems that best fit production requirements
  • Ensuring efficiency and reliability over time
  • Predicting potential developments in production

In addition to this, over time we have also invested in values and services that make “the Artema Pack difference” when it comes to developing belt handling systems:

On demand automations

To meet specific requirements, we can develop and manufacture single or integrated automations to execute particular functions, including complex ones.


Artema Pack’s plants are optimised to “harmonise” with the hardware and software systems of machines and automations from different brands and suppliers.

The efficient integration of our handling systems within already existing equipment and/or plants is key to ensure optimal production standards, under any conditions.


Products and primary packaging types

Each product, just like each packaging type, has its own peculiar characteristics.

Rigid packaging types  – like Gable Top and multi-layer cartons, bottles and secondary packaging solutions – can be grouped and bundled together, making their handling along the system somewhat “easier”.

The Artema Pack difference lies in the ability to handle even products with special characteristics or requirements, or packages with irregular shapes.



Artema Pack systems are designed to ensure utmost reliability and quality, while at the same time meeting the customer’s budget requirements. Once again, our design expertise is important to propose, among all available options, the most functional and essential belt handling system.

Single contact person

From providing a linear transport system to designing the layout and supply of complex automations, Artema Pack offers the convenience of a single contact person for the manufacture of end-of-line plants and handling systems.

Thanks to the alliance with Galdi, the internationally renowned manufacturer of Gable Top filling machines for the food industry, we can provide solutions for the whole packaging line.

Trust our expert engineers

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