Working in synergy, Artema Pack and Galdi Group were actively involved in the development of the packaging line for Oranfrizer Juice.

With the new line, the company consolidates and increases the production of Gable Top citrus juices for its core business products: the famous “IGP blood oranges of Sicily”, along with lemons, mandarins, grapefruits and pineapples juices.

Oranfrizer Juice got in touch with Galdi, already a partner of the company, for the purchase of new machinery and the construction of the new plant. Galdi, in turn, got Artema Pack involved in the project for the supply of end-of-line Gable Top packaging solutions and also to provide expertise to design the packaging plant and the transport system.


A multiformat case packer for boxes in 8 different sizes

These were Oranfrizer Juice’s requirements for their end-of-line plant:

  • multi-format case packer
  • quick format changeovers
  • possibility to change both primary packaging format and final packing patterns

With its features, our W-980 wrap-around case packer perfectly matched the customer’s needs!

The case packer installed in Oranfrizer Juice’s new plant handles all available 70×70 Gable Top formats: 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre.

Each fill volume in the primary packaging is then packed into 12-piece (3×4) or 8-piece (2×4) boxes with lid.

The 8 end-of-line packaging solutions represent only a fraction of the machine’s potential. Besides boxes with lid, Artema Pack’s wrap-around machine can also handle trays and flat top boxes.

Switching between boxes in different sizes brings to light another quality of our W-980 case packer. Thanks to its technical features, the machine allows for:

  • format changeover in 2 minutes – for minor changes, e.g. from 1 litre to 500 ml primary packages with the same number of pieces in the final packing
  • format changeovers in about 10 minutes – for major changes, e.g. from 1-litre-packages in 8-piece boxes to 250-ml-cartons in 12-piece boxes.

These timings enable to speed up format changeover times in the upstream filler.

In addition, both the wrap-around case packer and the transport system were selected and designed to best match the performance of Galdi’s food filling machine installed in the plant: a double line Gable Top filler with a potential of up to 6,000 cartons per hour.


An entire packaging line, from start to finish

Teaming up with Galdi, we were able to offer Oranfrizer Juice a full package for the packaging plant, providing them with:

Galdi also provided advice on available financing options, to support the client’s investment in the new business with deferred payments.

For us this was a great project and another opportunity to see firsthand that working in synergy with Galdi is key to developing efficient and reliable packaging plants!

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